Landscape Design

“Gardening is a way to reconnect with the world, it is beneficial for us both psychologically and mentally” and these sentiments echo wonderfully in the tales that he recounts of growing up in Tuscany, in the hills just outside Florence more exactly. It is here...

CARAMEL Bunting Making

Festoon and brighten up your little ones living space with some CARAMEL inspired bunting. We have enlisted the help of our friend and former designer Amy Brocklesby who now teaches those lucky enough, art and design, to guide us through creating some wonderful bunting to hang in...

Create You Own Necklace

Our talented friend Louise Scott-Smith who previously worked with CARAMEL as a designer and now runs @aprintedwardrobe, a fantastic company that is playfully redeveloping traditional dressmaking in the cause of sharing skills, being kind to the planet and making fashion fun, has been so kind...

Indoor Camping

An indoor idea to recreate some of the wonderment and adventure that is attributed to spending time outside is recreating a camping experience inside your own homes. You can even tell your young campers that you'll be going camping and to pack a bag with...

Colour with CARAMEL

To help entertain your little ones at home we have created these fun colouring in pages for you, designed using classic CARAMEL prints. This activity is sure to keep your mini’s (or yourself) entertained for while.

Baking With CARAMEL

At home, looking for something delicious and easy to make, how about baking a delicious banana bread with the kids. CARAMEL have teamed up with the beautiful and talented London chef and friend of CARAMEL Nina Parker (@antoninaparker) to bring you a mouthwatering recipe for...


CARAMEL’s carefully curated activities, workshops, and events for you and your dearest family members. We are delighted to offer our communities the chance to interact and find a sanctuary to express and relax within our boutiques.  

Exploring Notting Hill with Eva Karayiannis

Recently, our founder Eva Karayiannis had the wonderful opportunity of taking Smallable, the high-end online children’s store on a tour of her favourite haunts in Notting Hill. Having two flagship boutiques based in the oft-celebrated Notting Hill, on Ledbury Road, Eva is perfectly placed to...

Boutique Décor

Own a piece of Caramel History. We are delighted to present to you twenty years’ worth of pre-loved furniture, all of which has lived within many different Caramel stores all around the world. Often discovered at early morning vintage markets and auctions here in London, we...

06 GROW | PART 4

On the cusp of womanhood: we meet Angéle Fougeirol and Olympia Campbell, the original Caramel army who modelled Eva Karayiannis’s collections 15 years ago.

06 GROW | PART 3

Danielle Demetriou celebrates vivid bursts of azaleas and clusters of wild mint that are to be found in the most unexpected of places. 

06 GROW | PART 2

Miranda Brooks, the British born landscape designer who lives in Brooklyn doesn’t “really do” urban gardens.