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Article: Spinning a yarn

Spinning a yarn

Knitwear at Caramel

Celebrating the joy of craft is something which sits at the very core of Caramel: whether that’s the painstaking process of hand knit intarsia or preserving skills for the next generation. We like to challenge ourselves and ask: “ Could this be done differently, could it be done better?” We take a huge amount in pride in working with spinners of exceptional yarn, skills which more often than not, are honed over many generations and consequently, these families espouse an unerring commitment to sustainable principles.



Our women’s knitwear offering at Caramel comprises colour block sweaters, cardigans in a striking azure, deep V, cricket inspired slouch styles and a Jaquard style winter dress. The childrenswear edit includes cable knit sweaters, weighty enough to ward off every winter chill and chevron patterned jumpers in russet, sand tones. We have also designed hats and gloves with embroidered applique in contrasting shades of mustard and salmon pink, the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Whether you are choosing a baby hat, with delicate stitched on flowers or a geometric house jacquard on a sweater in wintery shades of ice blue, lemon and chocolate, or from any number of jumpers in Caramel’s highly idiosyncratic - usually ‘off’ colour - palette, please know we are very fussy about who we work with.

Cashmere Edit

Paramount is a relationship with makers who have a deep respect for the land, are meticulous in their sourcing of the best fibre and have an innate understanding of doing things properly.

Every stage of production is geared for making cashmere yarn as soft and cosy as possible. All our wool is mulesing free.

Our cashmere might be the perfect (colour block) foil to ditsy print skirts and dressesheavier weight cordscotton twill trousers and stripe shirts but we are also proud to celebrate it as one of the most sustainably produced fabrics in our collection.

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