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Article: Caramel Woman store in Notting Hill

Caramel Woman store in Notting Hill

Caramel Woman Store in Notting Hill

At Caramel, there is nothing more we like to celebrate than great design with an interesting back story. This isn’t something which only relates to our own collection but also, the championing of other brands whose design and manufacturing ethos chimes with our own.

Woman Store interior

Our womenswear store in Notting Hill which opened a few years ago was conceived as a platform for a sense of discovery and as such, along with our own womenswear range which this season embraces geometric prints inspired by floor tiling and a nod to seventies trouser suits, there are beguiling, effortlessly modern pieces in the softest fabrics by Album di Familgia, Injiri and Apuntob.

Caramel Woman SS22
Woman Fashion Clothes


“I’m drawn to labels which aren’t fashion brands as such, “ explains Caramel founder, Eva Karayiannis, “ but which are clothes that have been designed with functionality in mind too. A common thread between them is that there is an underplayed elegance, they are easy to wear and they are the foundation pieces for a wardrobe with longevity in mind. These brands are the very anathema of seasonal dressing, items which you might casually discard after.

Take something like Album di Famiglia which is a family brand where the children now work with their parents and the clothes are steeped in principles of ballet and performance so that not only is there an ease to the clothes but also purpose and that sense of utility.”

Tambere  Caramel London


Favourites include Apuntob’s crinkle gold dress, a blue trouser suit with bow from Sono and Maria La Rossa’s always sublime bags. Enduring wardrobe staples at their very best.

Apuntob’s crinkle gold dress Apuntob’s crinkle gold dress 2
Sono's trouser suit with bow Sono's trouser suit with bow 2