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Article: Ledbury Road Notting Hill

Ledbury Road Notting Hill


A neighbourhood, a village amongst the well-heeled, white stucco fronted houses of Notting Hill where boutiques, delightful deli’s and families spend afternoons enjoying the wonderful and brilliant crafts of fabulous brands and the atmosphere of a buzzing west London enclave full of traders, markets and treasures. Our Caramel Woman store is positioned in the heart of this bright and attractive location. A store that Eva Karayiannis has so enjoyed curating with exquisite brands from around the globe that share an ethos with our own and create unparalleled products with dedicated love and attention. A charming and charismatic quarter and a store that expresses our own personality through our collections and the friends we invite inside.


Caramel Women Store


Injiri create flowing hand-weaved women’s dresses with a focus on textile development and sustainable usage of materials. Launched in 2009 by Chinar Farooqui, their collections recount the stories of their processes in an eloquent and sophisticated way. The breeze on a summers day, the simplicity of clean design and the embellishments of the designer shine through.

Women's DressesWomen's Dresses 2


Aïeul transmits an anthropological perspective on scent. Taking its name from the French word for ‘ancestor’, there are echoes of Frenchpaysan and the delightful perfumes that would linger in the country air. Offered in four scents - Altar, Oranger Du Levant, Ambre Archeoceti, Encre Première. Transport your modernity.

Scented Candles


Knitwear designer Michel Bergamo and architect/Photographer Cristina Zamagni collaborated to create Boboutic in 2000. The designer duo create innovative pieces in which traditional knit-and-stitch techniques are combined with a constant research for new materials and production methods to create a thrilling architectural yet simplified aesthetic. Structure in perfect, soft balance.

Top and Trouser for WomenWomens's Accessories

Maria La Rosa

Maria La Rosa can’t be defined. A family business that wonderfully translates Maria’s journeys and incredible devotion to the traditional methods that it takes to produce her exquisitely detailed bags, socks and other remarkable accessories. Using an infinite array of fabrics and dedicated in the arts of hand-weaving, macramé, crochet and embroidery, the voyage is clearly presented in each design. Moments of magical craft.

Bags for Women


Simple, playful and colourful. Tach hails from Uruguay and carries that verve for life through in it’s collections. A charming marriage of vintage techniques and designs, smocking and embroidery with appealing colour and abundant freshness. A more summer focused palette and originality which blends a nuanced take on vintage designs. Enjoyment in shapes.

Women's designer top

Album Di Famiglia

Album di Familia, a wonderful Italian family atelier that make stunning, simple and eminently wearable jumpsuits and laid-back garments that offer a louche but structured aesthetic in truly delightful cottons and linens. Natural, bucolic tones and a knowing balance between the sensibilities of days gone by and a more au courant disposition. 

Women's Jumpsuit


Hailing from Rome, ApuntoB is the contrivance of designer Barbara Garofalo. Understated and effortlessly chic designs, marvellous shapes of trouser and voluminous skirts in harmonious colour combinations. Young at heart and full of the experiences of the world. The attire is crafted under the philosophy and adage that ‘the goal is not to dress, but to live’.

Women's Trouser & Skirt


Our own craft and expression brought to life for woman by the astonishing imagination of Eva Karayiannis. The reason for the little bolthole in Ledbury Road. The chance to meet fellow like-minded characters and artists. The freedom that has allowed us to explore the world and most of all the space that has allowed us to share these discoveries and our own creations with you.

Women's Clothing

Notting Hill Women's Store


Notting Hill, London W11 2AB
T +44 (0) 207 792 4208
Mon - Sat: 10am - 6pm
Sun: Closed