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Article: Cosy



A bowl of soup which both whips and kisses is how food writer, Nigel Slater describes the lentil broth he makes at the start of every year. Listen very carefully for something magical happens when the very last Christmas tree decoration has been packed away and a hushed calm descends. Finally, after the whirl of never-ending days (and nights), it is time to stop.

January for those who really look is blue blue skies, piercing sunshine (so bright, it can sometimes make you gasp and look away) and a stillness like no other. It can be raw, cold, sometimes wet, occasionally windy and certainly unforgiving if you haven’t worn the right clothes or brought along solid enough footwear. 


Every January, we read, we walk, we wrap up, we cosy. Cosy is not only something which is integral to a British way of being - warm cups of tea, a roaring fire, red noses, even redder cheeks. It is also something we like to celebrate at Caramel.

Cosiness, more specifically, a type of comfort is intrinsic to every single outfit we put together, not only the softest lambswool Fairisle sweaters or knitted rompers. It is also, we like to think, apparent in the utter ease and elegance of dresses which are fluid, trousers with just the right amount of slouch, layers which slide on (and off), thoughtfully constructed clothes that you can move in or in which, you can be very very still.

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A January cosiness speaks to those who find solace under a blanket, actually, make that several. And whilst we’re there, a quilt, over there, yes that one with the ditsy vintage flowers wouldn’t go amiss. Neither would a slice of cake. Close your eyes. What better time for hunkering down, for remembering early nights, a nurturing book, a bath and lots and lots of swaddling.