At the core of Caramel are products which celebrate the every day. What better way to cosy up than in our double faced quilts for the cosiest yet also most stylish slumber.
Explore contrasting colours and enjoy layering up bed linen (ditsy florals, geometric patterns or blocks) to create a sanctuary that is as elegant as it is comfortable.

Caramel is a life style brand which spans womenswear, childrenswear and homewear. Created in 1999 by Eva Karayiannis, it was originally conceived to challenge the limited perception of childrenswear.
Nearly twenty years later, Caramel has become synonymous with a design ethos steeped in modern British design, a love of sophisticated ‘off’ colours, geometric prints and relaxed fit clothing.

From Eva’s kitchen table, a first shop on Brompton Road soon followed suit. Today the label spans 10 global stores and 100 independent retailers. From the beginning, Caramel attracted the attention of style insiders and creative who appreciated its unique design sensibilities. For Caramel understands only too well the importance of a quiet, non-showy luxury which incorporates heritage fabrics and most skilful of manufacturing techniques. It’s why Caramel items so often become much loved, worn-in wardrobe staples, which only get better with age or are lovingly handed down between siblings and friends.

Caramel stands out because it is still a family style run business. There is no sense of mass production to its clothes, instead, the label prides itself on creating clothes that imbue a sense of timelessness and which don’t follow the trends.

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