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Caramel X Kids O Clock


Kids O'clock was created in 2020 and aims to change the way we consume for our kids, by bringing together all modern families to shop and sell pre loved for their kids. 

After 10 years in buying, from Moda Operandi, Net a Porter and Harvey Nichols, I decided to dedicate my product and brand expertise to the kidswear market. 

With this sentiment and the objective to create a safe and stylish platform that acts as an intimate community for parents and families to buy and share clothing, Kids O’clock was born. Their ethos echoes Caramel’s approach, we create clothing with consideration over the longevity of the garment, the quality of the design and fabrication as well as always looking to share something that inspires both the children and the parents in equal measure. Clothing that memories are made in. These memories can be shared and passed on, the clothing tells so many stories. 

Caramel x Kids O’clock

We are delighted to partner with Kids O’clock as their first ‘Drop Off’.

Kid O’clock was born with the desire to team up with brands rather than continue to divide the market. We are offering a logistic solution to brands who are keen to use their stores as a ‘Drop Off’ point, and participate in a more circular movement of kids clothes and accessories.

 Here’s how it works:


On embarking on such a fantastic initiative with Kids O’clock, our stores will now assist and promote the circular economy in children’s clothing whilst now forming a tangible location for parents to drop off their pre-loved clothes which will in turn find a new home through the Kids O’clock’s platform, with the added bonus of receiving a voucher offering 15% off Caramel’s children’s collections.


Building our brand with the same goals in mind, has helped us coming up with the best possible way to be stronger, together. We share the same values, we should share the same playground. We feel it of such importance to do our part in creating more sustainable models in all of our activities and as Kids O’clock so rightly point out, it’s time to “Join the Revolution”.


Terms & Conditions

‘Drop Off’ baskets are positioned in two Caramel London stores and this is where you will be able to obtain the voucher for dropping off your pre-loved clothes. Come by and feel free to ask the sales staff if anything needs clarifying.


77 LEDBURY ROAD                            

Notting Hill, London W11 2AG                    

T +44 (0) 20 7727 0906 

Mon-Sun: 10am - 5pm



South Kensington, London SW3 2DY 

T +44 (0) 20 7589 7001 

Tues - Thurs: 10am - 5pm 

Fri - Sat: 11am - 5pm 

Sun - Mon: Closed


Here are the terms of the voucher:

  • Voucher can be spent in store and online
  • Voucher can’t be spent on sale items
  • Not to be used with any other promotion, no voucher or coupon stacking
  • Not to be used on non-Caramel products
  • Not to be used on Caramel Woman or Caramel Home collections
  • You will not be able to redeem another voucher for dropping off clothes until the last one has expired
  • You will receive your voucher via email once your details have been left in store, please expect 1-3 days before receiving the voucher
  • The voucher will contain a unique code that can be used on one occasion
  • The voucher code lasts 3 months from the date that voucher is
  • Voucher must be used on items £50 and over.
  • The 15% Off will only be available on value of good up to £500
  • Drop off should include 5 pieces minimum and be “in resalable conditions” at the discretion of store or/ staff on site on the day.