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Article: ‘Tis the season

‘Tis the season

As the year draws to a close, there is nowhere I would rather be than at home with my family - though I might be tempted out of the house by an invitation for NYE, and another chance to wear my favourite party dress.


It’s the season for glad rags and big comfy-cosy knits at turns, for clothes to make memories in, snapshots of a winter break well spent...


Textured brocades, metallic threads, and plush velvets: fabrics that gleam in the glow of a string of fairy lights on a Christmas tree or the candles burning brightly on a Menorah (plus a soft cardigan for good measure).

The long dark nights of midwinter call for clothes rich with colour, texture and warmth. Colour-block jumpers, shirts and tees printed with stripes and posies of flowers, thick ridges of corduroy and chunky knitting stitches.

 A New Year’s Eve weekend in the countryside, fires roaring in every hearth and heavy curtains drawn against the cold - and inside, a chance to wear favourite party dresses and stay up past everyone’s bedtime (even the adults). And in the morning, warm knits and boots for a big walk through the fields to blow the cobwebs away.

Tight frills and pressed pleats; neat collars and buckled belts; metallic micro florals and sugar-mouse pink. These are love-at-first-sight party dresses that they’ll want to wear all the hours of the day - and even tucked up in bed.

For days of bustle, a full house of friends and family, and too many cooks squeezing into one kitchen. For the days of calm after the storm, curled up in an armchair with a good book and the last of the mince pies - or out in the bracing air, walking off the excesses. Whatever the end of the year looks like for you, we wish you a wonderful one.