Caramel Celebrates Father’s Day

We are so looking forward to celebrating Father’s Day on June 15th in store at Pavilion Road. For the third year running, acclaimed fashion & editorial portrait photographer Nana Varveropoulou will set up her caramel baby&child photo studio, for the express purpose of capturing the unique relationship between father and child.

Eva Karayiannis first met Nana at a shoot for Vogue Hellas a couple of years ago. They kept in touch & after following Nana’s work in a number of prestigious international publications, the idea for the caramel baby&child photo studio was born.

At each session, Nana works her gentle charm on children and parents alike – nothing is forced, each shot conveys the love & light inherent in each individual family.

We asked Nana to tell us a little bit about the photo studio & what she enjoys about shooting for caramel baby&child

“Both Eva & I loved the idea of creating not just a simple studio, but a place where we could get families playing with concepts in order to capture unique moments. The shoots are sometimes thematic or sometimes we just improvise on the day with particularly-loved items they’ve brought from home or toys from the caramel baby& child selection. Before the photo studio was set up I’d never shot children before but after the first session I absolutely loved it & people seemed to really like the results – in fact, the response was extraordinary. Working with caramel baby&child on these shoots has inspired a new-found love!”

To book a slot with Nana for Father’s Day or to find out more information about the photo studio please contact Pavilion Road on:

T+44 (0)20 7730 2564

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