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Caramel was founded in 1999 by former lawyer, Eva Karayiannis who wanted to dress children in an unflinching way with colour and a nod to graphic prints. Nearly two decades on, Caramel spawns a burgeoning lifestyle brand which includes homewares and womenswear.

The decision to launch womenswear was born from a challenge to create easy to wear pieces that could be styled up or down, that fit different body shapes and which would appeal to all ages.

Says Eva: “It was something that many of my customers had asked after. What many women, especially younger people are looking for is unpretentious, comfortable clothing that expresses their personality. The audience I design for is a confident and sophisticated one which doesn’t want to buy clothes that will be out of fashion tomorrow.”

At the heart of Caramel lies an enormous attention to detail: a distinctive collar or garment silhouette, the cut, the fit, just the right sort of lining or even buttons are all very carefully considered. Caramel continues to push the boundarires season after season with its unique colour palette, tradition for ‘off’ shades, distinctive and in-house design. Read less

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  • The Flying Machine Kit by Nick Arnold Best Seller
  • A Sea Voyage by Gérard Lo Monaco Best Seller
  • Find Your Way In Space Best Seller

    Find Your Way In Space

    Choose your mode of transport and set off on an adventure that will take you all the way across space! Can you navigate huge roundabouts with sleeping aliens, or cross planets guarded by scary space creatures? Negotiate pesky road obstructions by solving the maths problems correctly, pick up hidden objects, collect bonus points, and use your mapping skills to zoom backwards and forwards through the book. This brilliant mapping series provides a fun first look at co-ordinates and how to navigate your way around a map. Maths activities combined with an exciting mission and colourful fantasy settings make an entertaining and educational space adventure for young mathematicians Learn More
  • Maps Of The United Kingdom Best Seller

    Maps Of The United Kingdom

    Take a tour of the United Kingdom as you’ve never seen it before in this fully illustrated set of county maps. Travel through England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and meet the incredible people born there, learn about its proud history, and discover ancient castles, modern feats of engineering and natural highlights while you revel in the nation’s curiosities, from the spectacular, to the quirky, to the downright strange! A fabulous introduction to Shakespeare’s Sceptre Isle, for readers young and old. Learn More
  • Find Your Way Underground Best Seller

    Find Your Way Underground

    The Gnomes need your help! Explore their underground world and help them rescue their gold from a fire-breathing dragon. Navigate through the dinosaur pit and watch out for the giant anteater, solving maths problems and collecting objects along the way. This bright and busy mapping book provides a fun first look at co-ordinates and map skills. Maths activities are combined with an exciting mission, making for an entertaining and educational adventure. Learn More
  • There's Room For Everyone by by Anahita Teymorian Best Seller

    There's Room For Everyone by by Anahita Teymorian

    A child grows and discovers the world. As he lies awake at night, he sees there’s enough room in the sky for all the stars and the moon. When he visits the ocean, he sees there is enough room for all the fish, even for the whales. As he grows up, he doesn’t understand why people fight for space. Surely, if we are kinder to one another, there will always be room for everyone? Learn More
  • Sock Story by C K Smouha Best Seller

    Sock Story by C K Smouha

    It’s Phil and Dale’s favourite time of the week - the WASH! The two socks impress each other with their acrobatics; flipping, spinning and shrieking, much to the disapproval of the other clothes in the washing machine. But why should they care? They’ve got each other and that’s all that matters... right?When Phil goes missing, Dale is left contemplating life in solitude. After a brief encounter with a red shirt, he finds himself alone in the washing machine, lost and pink. When he is finally reunited with his buddy, Phil fails to recognise him and the socks must decide what being a pair means if one of you has changed....Written in comic book form, with gorgeous crayon illustrations, this a tale of friendship and identity that will delight children and adults alike.Illustrated by Eleonora Marton. Learn More

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