Swift Duffle Coat, Navy

$210 $350

A coat steeped in heritage and function that transcends the silhouette. A cultural staple that was first designed by an Englishman by the name of John Partridge who took inspiration from the Polish frock coats of the mid nineteenth century, it would be fair to say that the duffle coat is one of fashions greatest adventurers. From naval ships to the trenches, through the 60’s on the backs of students and beatniks, peace protesters and on to the glamorous glitterati of Hollywood, the Beatles and one diminutive Peruvian bear whose name is so synonymous with London as it is to that little blue duffle coat- Paddington! A British classic that is so childlike in its unfussy yet precise appearance as it is iconic and transcendent. Our iteration of the coat was created with the help of a factory based across London from our own atelier called London Tradition. A factory that have been working with the Duffle Coat for over 50 years and share our ethos in making high-quality, classic, timeless products with respect to every step in the process. In a beautiful navy wool blend and a check lining, it is versatile and utilitarian. The Swift Duffle Coat is more than just the makeup of its parts- the toggles, the oversized hood, the patch pockets. It is a moment in time captured forever like every moment we spend with our little ones. 

65% Wool 15% Polyester 10% Polyamide


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