Saturn Jumper, Toffee

$101 $168

Demure and decorous with graceful details, the Saturn jumper is a 100% merino wool knit in an enticing gingerbread tone. The design has a gorgeous bib detail on the front draping from the neck with evergreen and cream knitted florals cascading in neat uniform patterns. The bib is trimmed with a purple stitch. The collar has a slight roll to the fabric and is the same tone of purple as the bib border. Around the roll-neck an off-white stitch embellishes the neckline. The shoulder is slightly cinched at the top to create a billow and the cuffs are detailed with florals protruding from the purple and off-white. The bottom of the jumper has a band of purple and a thin off-white edge to complete the design. An enchanting knit for the spellbinding winter months.

100% Merino Wool


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