Gobi Dungaree, Olive

$97 $161

A comfortable, utilitarian classic for the cooler season crafted in beautiful pencil thin corduroy. The Gobi dungaree carries a structured silhouette due to the elastic detailing at the top of the back waist which fits the body. Baggy trouser legs hang perfectly at the ankle with two back patch pockets, side slit pockets and a neatly stitched hem. The top is a panel that nicely separates the trouser and gathers at the top with two buttons holding wide straps that drape over the shoulders, cross and fasten at the back. The olive tone is gentle and versatile which contrasts nicely to the delightfully tactile feel of the 100% cotton corduroy. A wardrobe piece for all eventualities that can be styled with detailed blouses, knits or simple t-shirts.

Outer: 100% Cotton, Lining: 100% Cotton


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