Caramel | Pleat Front Skirt, Navy Flower


A folk-inspired silhouette for our pleat front skirt. This A-line skirt has beautiful button opening detail to the side of the waist and a billowing shape down to the ankle accentuated by the pleats that begin at the waist and loosen naturally to create a structured yet easy-going demeanour in 100% cotton.

The print is a Japanese fabric full of wonder and intricacy. From the base of midnight blue, detailed flowers are repeated in uniform ecru and black with leaves and stems. Alternating the repetitions in perfect symmetry are carmine bursts of flower with indigo and squash toned leaf details set in ecru shapes. The collar and bottom of the dress are bordered with the inverse colours of the print, the midnight blue become carmine red and the flowers now indigo.

Styled simply with loose fitting knits or tonal blouses, a statement skirt for AW21.

100% Cotton


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