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Martha Ward’s summer styling tips

It’s not the British way to attend a Big Day Out in a sensible dress and mid-height heels. It’s a moot point though how open to interpretation the modest “day dress” code has become in recent years. Martha Ward, fashion stylist, girl about town and Ascot’s fashion police shares her very valued style counsel on not following the rule book and teaming socks with sandals to add ‘edge’ to an outfit.

When it comes to occasion wear, where do Brits get it so wrong? And what do they do right?

I think there’s such individuality when it comes to the Brits, we are after all known for our eccentricities. And this can be seen in our sense of style and dressing too I think. We often don’t follow the rule book so with that comes fabulous style, but then inevitably rather questionable style. There can be too much of a good thing…

What are your three tips for exuding style as well as being comfortable?

I think being comfortable in your clothes and being happy with what you’re wearing is critical. I genuinely love everything I own and wear. You can’t just wear something because it’s the ‘fashion’. Often people do and it’s apparent that it’s not natural and that you aren’t necessarily comfortable.

How do you do occasionwear with a modern twist/ an edge?

I think by using different accessories and jewellery you can transform a look – belts, giant costume jewels, socks with your heels, are all tricks to give an outfit an ‘edge’.

How would you style up a Caramel outfit to work at Henley/ Ascot etc?

Caramel always do great blouses and also shift-type dresses so I’d get layering with these pieces. So you’re ready to go in a rather uniquely stylish way and be prepared for whatever the weather (literally).

What are your absolute no nos? Anything you have ever regretted wearing?

Not really no. Everything comes back; 6 months ago I’d have said I regretted my bomber jacket phase in my late teens but now they’re all the rage again so I’m rather satisfied with that phase now.

Martha is wearing the Tie Belt Dress in Terracotta

Photo by: Martha Ward
Instagram: @marthaward

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