The Pleasure of Reading

What is it like to spend your life in conversations with people you have never seen or people you will never know? That for many of us is the pleasure of reading: hunkering down at the end of the day and immersing ourselves in a world of fantasy and adventure.

It would be impossible to imagine a life without books: they fuel our imagination, and allow us to experience things -time travel, other worlds, powerful emotions – we might not otherwise. They thrill and delight in equal measure. You can live many, many lives through reading.  Naysayers sound the death knell for the end of books but there will always be a universal craving for stories.

Stylist, Michala Cowan who hails from Copenhagen captures one of life’s greatest pleasures, shown here are her daughters Sofia and Julia, attention rapt, devouring their favourite books.


Photography by: Michala Cowan 



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