The Joys of Exploring

Pack your bags and explore. It’s a life maxim that many of us might benefit from. Even if you aren’t heading off to distant climes this winter, everyone has the opportunity to find adventure.

What are you waiting for? Grab your coat, stick on a pair of walking boots and take the time to open your eyes and ears. Breathe. That’s right.  Breathe and then, really open your eyes to everything around you. Look at your city or town or the forest next to your home as if you’ve never seen it before and as if you are seeing everything for the first time.

What do you notice? Is it the stillness or the bustle? Is it birdsong, endless chatter or the vroom-ing of cars? The intensity of crimson leaves and spare branches? Or perhaps the paving stones of cobbled street – smooth and softly curved, a patina acquired after hundreds of years? Had you ever really stopped to notice the swell of the river? Or how pretty everything looks at twilight?

Take every detail in. Write it down or keep it in your mental scrapbook and then, revisit everything come spring time.

Images and Styling by Saar Manche


The children are wearing:

Tuff Coat, Garden Check
Coal Shirt, Tarten Moss
Basanite Trouser, Pigeon

Icelandite Jacket, Wine
Pointelle Tights, Aubergine
Keane Lace up Boot, Safari


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