The Cycle of Life

As the days darken and the trees grow bare, photographer Saar Manche explores the changing of the seasons, the cycle of life and sharing her clothes with her daughter, poised on the cusp of life’s adventure.

 Here, they share clothes from Caramel’s Autumn/ Winter womenswear collection; clothes which always invite the wearer to put their individual stamp on items that revel in relaxed silhouettes and a moody film noir palette including stiff monochromatic tweed coats and the cosiest of knitwear.

 “I wanted to contrast the outdoors with inside. I took photos of my daughter and she of me; it was a story of autumn, between summer and winter, but it was also, in some ways, marking the passage of time.”

Photographs by Saar Manche  @saarmanche

Saar wears
Raglan Coat, Black Houndstooth 
Collar Top, Black
Tailored Jogger, Sycamore

Mare wears 
Collar Top, Black
Stitch Fromt Jumper, Camel Melange
Ribbed Trouser, Midnight

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