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Spring is finally looming into view and for a masterclass in how to wear the new season’s trends, we’ve asked two fashion editors, Sophie Warburton from the Saturday Telegraph Magazine and freelance fashion stylist, Arabella Greenhill to pick their favourite Caramel pieces and explain how they would wear them.

Sophie Warburton, Style Editor at the Saturday Telegraph Magazine



1)    Cargo Trouser in Light Brown Herringbone

I love the cotton canvas feel of these workman style trousers which tap into this season’s utility trend.  They are a great update on a pair of jeans. Nowadays we try to be so comfortable at all times but jeans and trainers aren’t exactly acceptable work attire in the office; so this isn’t a pair of boring office trousers but neither are they a pair of jeans but something in between. Plus you can wear them on holiday too!

2)    Polo in Dark Sage

I like the colour and simplicity of this top. Normally, poloshirts are cut for men and are quite roomy on the bicep whereas this is more fitted. There are no buttons on this polo shirt which I like and I like that this can be worn casually but you could wear it with a satin skirt in the evening if you wanted to make it smarter.

3)    Stripe Kaftan in Multi Stripe

This makes me want to go on holiday. I would wear it over a bikini, in the evening, out to the shops market and never take it off. Plus it’s cotton so it’s easy to stick in the washing machine if you get ice cream over it. It is an effortless way of covering up.




4)    Button Dress in Salmon (Available Soon)

I’m terrible at evening wear, but this is the sort of dress that is that half way house where it’s smart but not grand. You could wear it to every party not feel too overdressed. And actually, you can style up with a poloneck so that you might even wear it now. I’d team it with court shoes or open toe velvet sandals and a pair of socks.

5)    Button Skirt in Blue Stripe

A great midi A-line number that falls just below the knee so it’s a flattering length. This season I’m obsessed with silk Hawaiian shirts from Baz Luhrman’s Romeo and Juliet so I would wear tucked into this which plays with the idea of masculine and feminine. It’s a conservative shape which you can then unbutton to make it a look a little sexier.


Arabella Greenhill, Stylist and Contributor to Stella, Sunday Times Magazine and Stylist



1)    Boho Dress in White (Available Soon)

This is such an easy piece to wear: I like the idea of a coloured bra underneath this to give it a pop of colour or I might even wear a fine shirt or poloneck underneath. I would also add a leather belt and would stick on with a pair of flats.

2)    Button Dress in Mauve  (Available soon)

This feels very 90s. I would wear a skinny poloneck for now but it would also work with the boxy jumper in sage. I love the idea of the mauve and green as feel they would really well together colourwise.

3)    Hand Embroidered Top in Cream Embroidery 

It looks almost antique with its little black flowers: obviously this is lovely on holiday (with loose cut offs and trousers) but in the city I would wear it under a boxy masculine jacket and a high waisted pair of jeans or black tailored trousers. Or otherwise with a big cardigan over it or a denim jacket.




4)    Drawstring Trouser in Teal

What’s not to love about these trousers? They look so comfortable and easy. I would wear them with rolled up cuffs and sandals in the summer and I love the idea of wearing it with another green, say, something paler or the idea of colourblocking with something a bit faded.

5)    Gathered Bikini in Terracotta Check (Available soon)

I love this because it has such a great retro/nostalgic feel but I also like it because I can’t bear bikinis which have any metal or any bling on them and I like the simplicity of its style, the print and the slightly wider shape bottoms. It also feels like one of those bikinis you could wear on a beach in Cornwall or in the South of France or Thailand. It’s not a bikini where you think, “oh that’s so Ibiza or the Hamptons”.

6)    Deep V Back Dress in Khaki

This feels very much like a season of layering and I love the dress up and down vibe of this outfit which makes it very versatile. You could wear this to work and to go out in after. I would add a pop of colour to it, perhaps a yellow sandal?


The collection is available now online and in our Ham Yard and Daikanyama stores.

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