Spring in Brooklyn

Spring has finally sprung. This week we meet Ana and her two daughters from Brooklyn who have been busy bees chasing birdsong, learning how they make their nest and watching trees in bloom.

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This time of year, before the chill of winter is gone and the blooms of spring are just beginning, we try and find new activities daily that can energise and excite us about the changing of the seasons. There is a tree next to our stoop that is just beginning to show the smallest sprouts and the girls look forward to coming home and looking for the birds that make the songs that they hear as they run up to our stoop. Edith is particularly interested in finding their nest and asking how the baby birds learn to fly, how they get their food, and where their “mommy” was.


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As it turns out, we had a few birdhouses around the house after we took them home as party favours from a good friend’s birthday party, so we decided to bring out the crayons and watercolours and decorate them for our little bird friends.


Lucky Penny-03 2016 Birdhouse Outfits-0037


Lucky Penny-03 2016 Birdhouse Outfits-0038


The girls really enjoyed making something and now, when we come home from school, they listen and check to see if there are any birds near their houses and we talk of how the birds may come and go to bring food back to their nests for the baby birds. Lilah especially feels a real sense of pride and accomplishment in seeing something she created hung so proudly outside of our home.


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Words by Ana Fritsch

Photography by Julia Elizabeth Photography 
w: julia-elizabeth.com
i: @julia.elizabeth.photo


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