Simple Pleasures

A little pool of sea water, a place to dip and splash. Calm and cool.


We find a simple pleasure in dipping in our toes, the warm evening light and the sounds of playing in the distance. It’s our time. Time to chat, and watch, and discuss, and importantly time for nothing. 

We take our shoes off, feel the shells, seaweed and water between our toes, and walk home barefoot.


This place is a working fishing town close to London, in the distance big white ships pass by, off to the ocean and fishing boats bob up and down ready to take our fishermen back out to sea. 

Children sail in pretty collections of coloured boats and visitors sit by on the wall eating shellfish and soaking up the smells of the sea and mud.

It is a raw simple place, with beautiful light and space, a little freedom for the children.


We dream of white sandy beaches, pine forests and crashing ocean roaring against the coast but for now this is home. It is what you make it. 

We together are home.


Words and photography by Emma Donnelly.



Juniper Dress, Poseidon Square


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