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Welcome to the first post in our series about learning to be more in the moment. The first contributor is the very talented Saar Manche, a photographer and illustrator who lives in the Hague with her husband and three children. We hope you enjoy her pictures as much as we do.




cbc-7-mare meer

Hands up, how many of you actually notice what’s going on outside? We are all guilty. We rush around from one meeting to the next, barely registering anything beyond the flashing screen of our phone or whether we need to pack an umbrella or wear a scarf.

And yet, there’s a whole world out there we are failing to notice and not getting to enjoy. It’s true when you’re surrounded by landscape as exquisite as the views that Saar Manche captures of the Dutch countryside, it’s easy to be blown away. Where you might step out the front door and appreciate the stillness and crisp, cold February air.

Manche evokes a beautiful sense of timelessness in her photos: nature in all its barren glory is as desolate on a grey morning as it is poetic. It’s also a stark reminder of time passing and the cycle of life.

The richness of the beautiful world is like food for our senses: we need the sun for energy, the earth for food, trees for air and water for drinking. But it’s something that everyone can enjoy anywhere. The next time you’re outside, make the time to feel the sun on your face, air moving across your skin and, if you’re living in London, try to feel the rain too. Celebrate it. Celebrate all of it. It’s part of the beauty of life.

Featured in the photographs are our Cannock Dress in Evening Haze, Moorea Cardigan in Powder, Sesame Cardigan in Navy Textured Fleece and Allspice Trouser in Brown Star.

Photographs by Saar Manche 


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