Packing for a summer holiday

2017-07-14 Summer Holiday Packing

Perfect your packing technique with the sage advice of our guest fashion editor and ES magazine columnist, Laura Craik.

The problem with holiday packing is that you need a holiday to recover from it. So it’s fortunate that you’re just about to embark on one, really, isn’t it. Or so you would think. Alas, you have forgotten that the weather – even in sunnier foreign climes – can be variable.

You packed your case confident in the knowledge that you were going to Deia, not Devon: so how chilly could it get? Quite chilly, as it turns out. Oh, it was balmy when you got there, but now it’s 7pm, the sun has receded, the wind has climbed, the children are starving and you are still standing in front of the wardrobe in your apartment, paralysed with indecision over which ineffectually “warm” garment to wear out to dinner.

Holiday packing is a deft exercise in layering. If it feels too depressing (not to mention space-consuming) to pack a chunky knit, try a mid-weight jacket instead. Chambray is an excellent holiday fabric: it’s lighter than denim, and feels instantly more summery.

Caramel’s drawstring-waisted chambray jacket is perfect for those not-quite-balmy-enough summer nights: chic and utilitarian, think of it as a summer parka. Like a parka, it’s versatile: it looks equally good with a floral dress as with loose-fitting trousers.

While it might seem counter-intuitive, I can’t extol enough the virtues of packing an ankle sock. You may, with some justification, be thinking “but foreign holidays are the one time of the year that I relish ditching my sodding hosiery”, but here in summer 2017, it’s totally okay – modeish, even – to wear an ankle sock with a pair of sandals. Hey presto: chilly toes no more (also perfect come the end of the holiday, when you’ve chipped your pedi – if you care about such things). Caramel’s silk ones are a lighter summer take, and I’ll be packing a pair for sure.

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