As hard to grapple with trends go, organza (traditionally made from silk) is up there with the best of them. It can all look safely opaque in your bedroom mirror and the minute you walk out the front door…

Few other fabrics hold such tension in their ability to cover up as well as reveal. Silk organza is woven in mills by the Yangtze river while deluxe silk versions are made in France and Italy.  Organza is also paradoxical in that it can be suggestively sheer recalling the louche glamour of the 70s and yet utterly prim and buttoned up when reworked into a pale pink, pie-crust blouse.

Layering, especially with intentionally juxtaposed heavier fabrics such as tweed, an Aran sweater or a thick cotton, creates an understated yet luxurious look this winter as you indulge in the festive season.

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