On mother love: Carissa Gallo

Carissa Gallo

You know those moments when everything slows to half speed, and the impressions in that brief span of time are left on you forever? Like you could go back to them, at any time in the future, and have all the feelings- the sounds, the smells, the way it felt on your skin? There are two, very strong, in my memory – the first one, in a field in Uganda with hundreds of other people all around, the second one, in a tub in my living room with only my family and midwife – the first meetings of my two children. I think these moments are when our hearts grow, like seriously grow, because of the overwhelming supply of love that enters in a brief amount of time – that’s the little philosophy I’ve come up with, anyway.

I believe a mom is so much more than the typical definition- a mom is a way of being, and type of heart. I have met so many women who aren’t called ‘mom’ every day, and they are among the best moms I know. Happy Mother’s Day, to all the incredibly strong women who have that mom-heart!

Words by Carissa Gallo.

Image by Nikaela Peters.

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