Motherhood by Nirrimi

To celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, we asked photographer and writer Nirrimi Firebrace a few questions about motherhood and some of her favourite moments with her daughter Alba.

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1. Did you always dream about being a mother?
I’ve been longing to be a mama since before I can remember. It’s funny when people ask why I decided to have a child so young (19) when it feels like I waited forever!

2. How has motherhood changed you?
My priorities have shifted. I can clearly see what is important in life and what I define success to be. My ego is smaller and my heart is bigger.

3. Is motherhood what you thought it would be? What have you found surprisingly easy/ more difficult than you imagined?
Yes and no. There are moments when it is just like I imagined, but they are fleeting. Everyone warned me I’d have to give up travelling and my career but Alba just joins in on the adventures. Though balancing parenthood and artisthood is harder than I could have ever dreamed.

4. What is the most important thing Alba has taught you?
To be present.

5. What is the most important thing you want to teach Alba?
To listen to her intuition and live the life that is hers.

6. What do you want Alba to remember from her childhood?
The wild adventures all over the world, the inspiring cast of incredible friends and the way I deeply love her in every moment.

7. What is your favourite memory with Alba
The very first moment she was born. She was perfect and she was mine and I knew life would never be the same.

8. What makes you really happy right now?
Staying up writing long past when my family has gone to bed. With chocolate and peppermint tea as company.

Words and photographs by Nirrimi Firebrace

Alba wears our Wasabi Romper in Dark Grey Melange.


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