Making a Home…Helena Schütz

Our fourth contributor in our ‘Making a Home’ series is Helena Schütz, Art Director and designer, founder of The Jnr. and co-founder of Vesle Universe.


We are a family of four: Helena (Mum), Lee (Dad), Lykke (soon to be six years old) and Levi (almost three years old). We live in an apartment on the west side of Oslo in Norway.

We have lived in the same apartment for almost seven years. Both our kids have spent their first years here so this home has a lot of precious memories. It will be very hard to leave once it’s time to move on…and I’m afraid that may be quite soon.

caramel-aw15-makingahome-editBesides making our home a safe and secure place to be we have tried to create a home that has a little bit of humor to it, we want our personalities to shine through. Our overall style is messy and playful, we mix secondhand finds with classic design like Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton (we adore the Norwegian Stokke Tripp Trapp chair for the kids). I love to have fresh flowers on the kitchen table and the kids love to help me pick some from the backyard.



The whole apartment is used for play, but we all usually hang out in the kitchen and living room, which is one big room. The kids draw and play with plastecine at the kitchen table, we build dens in the living room, read together in the bedroom and play with Lego on the floor. They both love to help out in the kitchen, especially baking which we do a lot. We lead busy lives and it’s important for us to come home to a space that everybody loves. It’s not perfect, not by far, but perfect is boring, right!?

Planning for the future we are toying with the idea of a tiny townhouse with a garden, in a quiet street somewhere… We are not sure where, but as they say,  “home is where the heart is”.

Caramel Home collection: Child Silk Quilt, Turquoise
Caramel AW15 collection: Whiteleaf Dress
Caramel Rainy Day: Rainy Days Drawstring Bag

Words and photographs by Helena Schütz.

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