Making a Home…Meta Coleman

The fifth contributor to the ‘Making a Home’ series is stylist, production and interior designer Meta Coleman. She lives in Utah, together with her husband and two children Maja and Henrik. Their beautiful home is full of colour and creative details, and we hope you like this piece as much as we do!

What makes a home

As a child I had a Carl Larsson print in my room. It was of a girl sitting in her bedroom holding a tulip. I felt very connected to that little girl and to the beautiful day to day family life painted by Carl Larsson. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to visit the home of Carl and Karin Larsson in Sundborn, Sweden. The two were both incredibly talented, artistic people.  They surrounded themselves in their art and what they loved. Throughout the home there are textiles, rugs, table clothes, doorway curtains all made by Karin. While Carl painted mural decorations, portraits of members of the family, and carved and painted the furniture. They personalized their home with their art and made it an expression of themselves, free of formality and the stuffiness of the time.



Your home is ever changing and should be an expression of yourself and what you love. It should only have pieces in your home that have function and meaning to you. My husband and I both have creative jobs. He is an Artist and I am a Photo Stylist and Production Designer. Most days we work from home and we see a lot of each other, which is mostly good, haha! We love to surround ourselves with art and beautiful furniture and artefacts. We started a tradition where we collect a Milagro/Exvoto or two, or more every time we travel to a new city. It has become a really fun scavenger hunt and I get so excited showcasing them in our home when we get back. My husband also really loves to collect art from his contemporaries as well as deceased artists. The art he has collected over the years is an important part of our home and I do my best to showcase it throughout our home.  


I believe it is important to teach your children to respect furniture and the rules of the house (I “try” to get everyone to only eat in the kitchen and take their shoes off) but, I also want them to know that they will always be more important to us than things. So when something breaks or gets ruined I will be sad, but it’s not the end of the world. We have an eight year old son, Henrik and a five year old daughter, Maja as well as a nine year old dog, Hazel and two bunnies! So far Hazel has caused more damage to the furniture and carpets than our children. Both my children are very creative and artistic and I try to cultivate their creativity. In our pantry I have paper, scissors, crayons, clay, paints, markers, etc, organised in bins for them to use. My children can reach everything and are encouraged to draw or paint when they would like to or are ‘bored”. Most days our kitchen table looks like there was an explosion of paper, paints and markers, which is evidence to me that our home is lived in.  Most days I love finding evidence of my children throughout our home, and am amazed at how much stuff little children can accumulate.  

Your home is your sanctuary, and is an extension of yourself. It is the place where you can be yourself and feel most loved.



Words & photography by Meta Coleman
i: @metacoleman_


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