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In our new series ‘Making a Home’ we are inviting the women we admire to share their childhood memories and thoughts on home life. Our first contributor is Jodi Wilson from Practising Simplicity. We are so happy to share her beautiful writing and photographs with you.

Linen - 1[1]

My parents still live in the house I grew up in so my childhood bedroom is more than just a fond memory. But if I think back to when I was young, I distinctly remember nights when the air was thick with heat. I would lie on the top sheet waiting for sleep, the cicadas singing their shrill summer song. I remember a hand-me-down Punky Brewster doona cover, waffle weave blankets and the deliciously good feeling of Clean Sheet Day. Because I’ve always had a penchant for bed linen I bought myself a set of floral pillowcases with money from my first job at the local ice-creamery; my mum still has them.

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Che and Poet share a room in our little house, a ramshackle cottage near the beach. I’ve decorated the walls in quirky prints, piled the bookshelves with their favourite reads and dressed the beds with pillows and blankets and beloved (if a little ragged) toys. Perhaps it’s the salt air or the cosiness but regardless, they’ve always slept well in there. I want their room to be a safe haven for them, somewhere that oozes comfort; a place to sleep, dream, read, create and rest.

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Our small home begs for simplicity; I’ve found a place for everything and I try to put everything in its place. Our dining table came from an old cottage that was recently demolished, our chairs were found on the side of the road and and our brown leather lounge was Daniel and my first purchase as a couple. I prefer to use natural, muted hues throughout the house; eggshell, storm, olive, sand, sage – calming colours to balance out the chaos that accompanies three children.

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As I get older I’m less precious about the home; comfort is priority and as a result, it’s a little rough around the edges. There is always an odd shoe floating around the entryway and books are always open on the table. When Che and Poet aren’t fighting they’ll squeeze onto the reading chair together and flick through their favourite books, tucked under a blanket in the wintertime.

Right now we’re drinking lots of tea and waiting for the whales to head south again (fingers crossed we spot them). We’ll spend one more summer in this home; the days will be long and hot and early morning and late afternoon ocean swims will be the norm. Where to next? We’re not entirely sure but we hope to buy our own house. It will be small and old and will need a fair bit of TLC but we’ll get to call it our own. You can be sure there will be floral sheets and plenty of books, just-picked flowers and a whistling kettle, white walls and scuffed floors.

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Words & photography by Jodi Wilson of Practising Simplicity
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