Laughter Yoga Workshop


We are thrilled to welcome back the very talented and special therapist, Tomoyo Nozaki in our Notting Hill store where she will be holding a 45min workshop on the importance of laughing more and how it can help reduce stress levels, build stamina and enhance creativity.

 What the participants can expect from Laughter Yoga
 To learn how to cope with all aspects of life, bring back the joy of childhood and discover the benefits of laughter via the enjoyable exercises of Laughter Yoga. The practice of easy Yogic breathing during a session helps develop mental stability, build good immunity against common infections and improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain and internal organs.

Why Children need to laugh
 In our highly competitive and charged lifestyles, many children have lost touch with the idea of playfulness. Growing bodies and minds require the intense physical exercise of play to learn motor skills, develop, and cope with rapid growth. Modern studies show that in play we learn how to cope with different situations, and develop emotional and social skills that determine and influence much of our future life. Childhood used to be a time for children to lead low stress lives full of personal exploration and group play – a time of joy and unconditional laughter, with many children laughing more than 300 times a day.  Laughter has always been part and parcel of how children communicate with the world.

Location: Caramel Notting Hill
Date: Saturday 5th Nov
Time: 12-12.45pm
Cost: £10/child

To reserve a space or to find out more, please email or call 0207 7270906.

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