Why Ham Yard and Soho?


Not so long ago, Soho was a place where gentlefolk only ventured at their peril. For many, this red light district was synonymous with clubs, all night drinking and seedy sex shops. But that is to misunderstand the creative force behind this area that after many centuries has evolved a character of unique cultural significance.

It’s 350 years since the first Hugenot refugees and crafts people arrived and were swept up into this neighbourhood in the heart of London. From the music halls or artisanal workshops that sprang up in the subsequent decades, Soho became a singular place to live and work. It was a melting pot of artisans, writers and musicians (and those who would facilitate the bringing together of all three) and has always affirmed what a busy, buzzy city should be: a hive of creativity and industry rooted in a close-knit, multicultural community.


Soho’s creative energy is well documented. It is where genius in the shape and form of George Orwell, Francis Bacon, Dylan Thomas, Joseph Conran or Percy Bysshe Shelley flourished. It’s where Hitchcock interviewed Matisse and Picasso and where Charles Dickens wrote a Tale of Two cities. It was a nod to the very best that its people could offer when they worked cheek by jowl as artisans and artists.


Today, Soho and Ham Yard in particularly is buzzier than ever. With new design talent and the most innovative in entertainment and dining springs forth. Soho is responsible for 20 per cent of London’s new creative jobs. Its collective annual turnover: £7.5 billion, about 11 per cent of the creative turnover of the entire UK. A quarter of Soho’s workforce earn a living in the theatres, galleries, ad agencies and fashion houses which make up the most creative square mile in the world.

All of this chimes perfectly with the ethos of Caramel, which focuses on the best design and clothes with an original point of view and which exude a refined simplicity. Our Ham Yard store at 4 Denman Place has had a make over and showcases our foray into womenswear. The elegant and understated shop offers our womenswear collection which exemplifies the label’s signature prints and distinctive colour palette but also, a carefully curated edit of the unique and ‘hard-to-come by’ accessories and jewellery from all around the world.


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