Looking for something different? Unsure if a style you’ve seen in a magazine will work?

Three times a week, our Notting Hill stores hosts a hairdressing salon. Professional hairdresser Debbie Bateson calmly trims the most fidgety of little customers and offers hair styling advice that happily takes into consideration the way they like to dress.


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Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became a hair stylist.

D: I was destined to be a hairdresser! When I was a little girl, I set up a ‘Dolls Hair Salon’ above my Parents Greengrocer’s shop. I was very patient but I had no callers. Even at school I would be cutting flick fringes and styling my friends hair, so at 16 I could not wait to start training. I left Robert Fielding school of hairdressing with the highest grades ever awarded to a student. My first job was at Molton Brown, where I was trained to work with the hair, to cut and finger dry (no hairdryers allowed) to encourage the hairs natural movement. I feel it’s the best cutting training anyone could have. After 7 years I went to join Daniel Galvin where I became hairdresser to the stars! I was working on music videos and flew to New York to attend my client Twiggy’s hair whilst she performed on Broadway. It was an incredible 8 years. What next… I had the urge to travel. I was offered a job to run a new swanky Barbers salon in the Peninsula hotel in Hong Kong but I had set my sights on Sydney Australia, where I worked incredibly happily for Sloanes of Paddington.

How did you come to work for Caramel? 

D: I waited a long time to have my baby daughter Georgia and I was in no hurry to return to work, appreciating every moment with her. On a shopping trip to Selfridges I was blown away by a children’s wear brand Caramel. The colours mainly, so different, then I noticed the vintage styles, the cut and quality of the knitwear and fabrics. I quickly tracked down the shop in Brompton Road and would always buy a few pieces when I was in the area. On one occasion a little white sign in the corner of the window caught my eye ‘Hairstylist Wanted’. I couldn’t get through the door quick enough!
There was Eva, she told me about a new shop she was opening in Pavillion Road, she had seen a lovely vintage barbers chair and thought what a nice service children’s hairdressing would be.
We got on really well. That night I couldn’t sleep I was so excited! I would offer a lollipop at the end (if they had sat still!!) maybe offer a Spritz of natural cologne? I couldn’t wait to start. It couldn’t be that different to cutting adults could it ?

What do you like most about cutting children’s hair?

Well, I must love to cut children’s hair as this is my 12th year at Caramel. I have a calming effect (I have been told), and when you are able to do a proper cut on a child it is so rewarding. The parents are so proud of all the compliments. I do they’re first haircut, put a snippet in an envelope and beautifully write the Certificate. Next thing I know in they come to show me they’re first school uniform. We giggle we sing and we have a really relaxing time.

What hair styles do you love?

On little girls I like short and chic, unless she is blessed with strong weighty hair. On little boys I like soft and shaggy.

What and who inspire you?

My inspiration comes from vintage magazines and films. Eva inspires me. Just to look at the amazing clothes she designs. Also the beautiful hair bands and accessories we sell inspire my hairstyles.

What is your number one hair care tip for kids and busy parents?

My one tip for children’s hair is to use a natural shampoo with no nasty chemical’s and a good conditioner. Use a wide toothed comb (brushes can break delicate hair). Chlorine can destroy little ones hair, it’s imperative to use a clarifying or detoxifying shampoo as soon as you can after swimming. Avalon Organics have a lovely lemon one.


The Caramel Hair Salon takes place every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday.
To book an appointment, please call our Notting Hill team on 0207 727 0906 or email


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