End of Term

End of Term

How better to navigate the end of term minefield of school events than follow the sage advice of our guest fashion editor and ES magazine columnist, Laura Craik.

Pre-children, the most taxing dress code in your diary was “white tie”, a term you always had to google, no matter how many times you encountered it. Post-children, the most taxing dress code in your diary is “what to wear to a meeting / school prize giving / sports day and still look appropriate for all three”.

This is a tall order even for the most accomplished dresser. June / July = the end-of-term work/school social marathon, and no search engine in the world can save you now. Possibly, if you were a mere bystander at sports day, you might be able to pull it off. But no: your children are at primary school, which means that by 2.30pm, your poor feet will be edged into the corner of a hessian sack as you attempt not to humiliate them by coming last.

Have you ever tried to do the sack race? Hint: don’t wear a pencil skirt. Or a semi-sheer blouse. A roomy dress, on the other hand, is perfect: Caramel’s navy boho dress ticks all the right boxes, while also being smart enough to wear to the office. A dark colour is always advisable on jam-packed days when randomness is but a red wine glass / dropped ice lolly away, and I’d also argue for a mid-calf length hem over a shorter one: not just because they’re in fashion this summer, but also because dresses have a habit of riding up at sports day, and revealing more than you might wish. I also love these black button trousers: the cuff lends them a sporty feel, yet pair them with a blouse and they’d pass muster at the smartest meeting. Versatility is the name of the game on busy days.

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