Creativity and Motherhood…Lucille Gauthier-Braud

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In the second post in our series about creativity and motherhood we meet Lucille, a trend forecaster who hails from the Marais in Paris. Early mornings, Le Marche des Enfants and the many, many art galleries are what she loves exploring with her two children in Paris the most.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do, where you live, your home and your family.

L: My name is Lucille, I’m the mother of 2 kids, Théophile and Domitille and I’m married to Charles, a music publisher. I’m a trendforcaster in cosmetics and accessories. My job is to find future seasons’ colors, textures and shapes. I work for brands across the world. I’m also in charged of a trend beauty book.

We live in Paris in “Le Marais”, a quartier in centre of Paris which feels like a small village although it’s increasingly becoming more fashionable. I like walking there early in the morning – the place is so peaceful and quiet. Both the oldest covered market in Paris “Le Marché des Enfants Rouges” and the trendy concept store, “Merci” are within blocks of our home which is a big white apartment nestled under the rooftops. Thanks to the blond wooden floorboards and old wooden furniture, our flat is very cosy and relaxing.

What do you love most about Paris?

L: Paris is a city filled with history, always teeming with excitement, but it also offers hidden courtyards and gardens where you can be on your own. The ultimate luxury for me is to be able to ride my bicycle to work.

What and who inspire you?

L: Contemporary art galleries and lots and lots of images. I spend my days in books, press and the Internet. But what inspires me most are the small objects from everyday life, whether it’s a soap bar, a pencil or a mug.
For my job I need to keep up to date with every possible source of inspiration: an exhibition, a book, or a simple item of clothing found at the flea market. I need to constantly have my head in the stars but my feet on the ground.
Who inspires me? Ellsworth Kelly for her drawings, Alex Katz and Peter Doig for colour, Byredo’s work on perfume but also Death Cab for Cutie and Her Magic Wand for music.

What impact has motherhood had on your creativity?  

L: To become a mum was a big upheaval in my personal but also in my professional life. I thought I had a well-rounded life, but becoming a mother made me realise I needed to do more personal stuff: photography allows me to show who I really am.

What do you want to teach your children about creativity? How do you do this?

L: Above all I want to teach them to be curious of everything and to be open-minded. I really want them to believe any thing is possible.

What are your favourite places visit with your kids or activities to do to get inspired together?

L: We go to art galleries together, although they’re still very young. What they really love are books. We do a lot of drawing together, my son will soon be 6 and I start to feel how the environment is conditioning our children… I try to resist, in vain…

What is the most important thing your children have taught you?

L: That I’m not perfect… and that it’s very fine not to be .

What makes you really happy right now?

L: The thought of our next holidays or a long weekend wearing pyjamas in our apartment bathed in sunlight.



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