Creativity and Motherhood… A weekend in Copenhagen


In the first post in our new series about creativity and motherhood, we feature photographer and illustrator Saar Manche and artist Irene de Klerk Wolters who found each other on Instagram. They met in person for the first time when Saar’s family travelled to Copenhagen last year and immediately hit it off.

Saar and her son, who live in the Hague, visited Irene again a couple of weekends ago, and we are delighted to share snippets of their days together and their thought on creativity and motherhood. We hope you enjoy this beautiful piece as much as we do!


Please tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do, where you live and your family? 

S: I’m Saar Manche, together with my husband and three children, I live in The Hague, the Netherlands. I work as an illustrator and photographer.
I: I’m Irene de Klerk Wolters and I’m a lawyer by profession but I have always loved to paint, something I started off doing in my free time but after many requests to do paintings (and also help people style their houses), I quit my job. In 2013 I moved from the Netherlands to Copenhagen with my husband and 2 boys, Beau who is 10 and Pepijn who is 5.

What and who inspire you?

S: Little precious moments from our daily life inspire me, like a photo album. As a child I was always drawing.
I: I get my eye for beauty from my mother. She showed and taught me so much. Seeing the beauty around you is how I grew up. Appreciation for nature, culture, travelling, fashion and food. I thank my parents for that. It gives me so much energy and inspiration to focus on what I see or experience as beautiful.

What impact has motherhood had on your creativity? How has your art changed?

S: Now, I don’t only draw our own life but also that of others. When studying Museology and history it was on a backburner, but when I had children I started painting again.
I: I’m not sure if motherhood has changed my art. I do notice that where I live, how I feel has more impact on my paintings and how I paint. My big love for the sea, which I now see daily and the extremely beautiful light here for example has been of big influence in my work.

What do you want to teach your children about creativity? How do you do this?

S: My children attend Waldorf as I think it’s important to develop other skills than only our cognitive ones. Besides languages and mathematics they’re working with wool, flour, beeswax, paint and wood, all different structures and materials. And slowly they are becoming aware that everything around us is created, so it’s in their own hands to create their own world. The most important thing I hope to teach them is to be curious about everything.
I: I really hope my boys will inherit my eye for beauty. And that they are aware of their surroundings and learn to appreciate it. Since they were born they have seen me painting. Sometimes they joined me or ‘worked’ with me on their own projects. Giving them the opportunity to be creative in any way (my oldest loves playing guitar) is what we can do as parents.

What are your favourite places to visit with your kids or activities to do to get inspired together?

S: We live near the sea so we go there a lot, or into the woods, into town. It doesn’t really matter, we just walk around and see what happens. Children can make their own adventure wherever they are.
I: One of our favourite things to do at weekends is to get on our bikes. We might stop off at the flea market or a museum. Otherwise we might rent a little boat on the lake, or perhaps go to the beach. Our favourite is Tisvilde, a 45 minute drive up North and very beautiful. We leave early in the morning, and after a bbq in the evening on the beach, we head back home again. It always feels like a little holiday.



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