Christmas in Japan

We had the pleasure of meeting Risa in our Daikanyama store this year after seeing the beautiful photographs she shares on her instagram of her family and home in Japan.  This month, Risa shares some special insights of Christmas at her house and the little traditions they have created as a family.

“Together, we create a “Calendrier de l’avent” all homemade instead of buying it, my daughters start everyday with a little cookie or present right up until Christmas morning. We then gather branches and flowers to make little decorations and animals out of them.To create a festive atmosphere, I fill the house with Japanese cedar wood and Eucalyptus flowers, ready for when my parents arrive for a family Christmas Eve party at home”

Risa’s daughters are wearing the Uffmoor Baby Romper in Light blue, Mabie Dress in Navy Polka Dot and our Rib Tights in Petroline.

Thank you Risa for the beautiful images and words.





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