For those unfamiliar with Story Massage, it is a fun and interactive way of enjoying positive touch through storytelling and simple massage strokes.

On Sunday 8th May, Caramel is happy to host a workshop with a very special therapist, Tomoyo Nozaki in our Notting Hill store.

Words of a story are combined with the benefit of simple massage strokes. It is something that children and parents can share with each other one on one, or in a line. The many benefits of Story massage include promoting calming time, increasing concentration and reducing aggressive and challenging behaviour.

Tomoyo has discovered that children particularly loved the warm feeling of combining the words of a story with massage strokes. This positive touch activity has also been used to offer emotional support to adults and children whose lives have been affected by the Japanese Tsunami and earthquake.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do and how you started.

T: This is “Therapy for Everyone” – from birth to the elderly, expectant mothers, or anyone with special needs, even your cats and dogs. It’s a unique tailor made treatment that incorporates Facial Reflexology, aromatherapy and massage treatment.

Please tell us a little bit what the participants can expect from the ‘Story Massage’ workshop and in what way it can benefit a child and parent.

T: Story massage is a fun way of introducing the benefits of nurturing touch through storytelling and simple massage strokes. The sun, for example, can be illustrated by drawing a circle on a child’s back with the flats of the hands. Story massage can be enjoyed by children but also practiced between family members. Story massage feels lovely and warm and makes children feel happy.

The 90 minute workshop will take place between 12 – 13.30 on Sunday 8th May 2016.

TICKETS are £20.
To book a space or to find out more, please speak to a member of staff or email


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