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Of all of the different sorts of love and family relationships we discuss, how often do we acknowledge our brothers or sisters? Rarely, when you stop to think about it. Besides our parents, they are the people who have known us since birth, who remember the time we copied Madonna’s perm (and did or didn’t laugh!), who joined in moshing to the Pixies or egged us on to climb down the drainpipe during the middle of the night.

They’ve seen us at our lowest point but hopefully our highest too. They’ve nagged, pestered, cajoled, bantered and gossiped with us all our lives. There are so many more memories once you actually start counting them.

This weekend, as a different sort of Valentine’s ritual, stop and remember why it is you love having a brother or sister.

Someone to yell at but who still loves you afterwards

Someone to make up with
Someone who understands why your parents are quite SO annoying
Someone who will look out for you in the playground
Someone to pester you on a long car ride
Someone who you can whisper to, long after the lights have gone out
Someone who looks a bit like you, but not quite
Someone to grow old with
Someone who is your partner in crime
Someone you don’t need to tell, who just understands

Photographs by Saar Manche

Featured in the photographs are our Cannock Dress in Evening Haze, Moorea Cardigan in Powder, Sesame Cardigan in Navy Textured Fleece and Allspice Trouser in Brown Star.

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