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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether you grab a quick slice of toast on the way to school or work, or sit down together as a family with a carefully prepared meal there is something nice about tasting something in the early hours of the day. Nothing smells as wonderful as buttered toast, freshly sliced fruit or a pot of coffee..

We asked our Daikanyama customer Asuka (also the winner of the #caramelaroundtheworld competition), to give us an insight in her morning rituals. Asuka lives in Japan with her husband and small daughter.


Where do you eat breakfast?
We always have breakfast in the dining room and use a Stokke chair in my favourite colour for my little one. The plates are made from plastic, which is great when you have a young child as they are often thrown across the room!

In the dining room we have a selection of objects that we have brought back from trips to L.A, Mexico and Italy. I like to have fresh flowers on the table every day as it creates a nice atmosphere and lovely smell.

What do you and your family eat for breakfast? Is it different on a weekday and a weekend?
During weekdays we normally have toast or buttered bread rolls, and bowls of fresh fruit and yoghurt. On the weekends we treat ourselves and have pancakes or french toast.

What is your daughter’s favourite breakfast food?
My daughter absolutely loves pancakes with bananas. When is it time to eat she claps her hands and smiles a lot, just like a little monkey!

Do you like mornings?
I never used to like early mornings, but since I started getting up at the same time
as my little one I have really come to like it.

What morning rituals does the family have?
On a typical weekday we say goodbye to my husband as he rushes off to work and then we have breakfast together. Afterwards, my daughter plays with construction blocks, toys and her dolls while I clean the house, do laundry and start preparing dinner. Weekend mornings are spent as a family. We have breakfast together and then  take a walk in the park.

Are there any particular morning and breakfast rituals in Japan?
Although our family mostly eat toast and pancakes, traditional breakfasts are still very popular in Japan such as miso soup, grilled fish and rolled omelette.

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