A young person’s guide: The Chelsea Physic Garden


This weekend sees the first of our May bank holidays and if you are looking for activities to occupy your little ones, we recommend a trip to the Chelsea Physic garden. The chosen backdrop for our Spring Summer ’15 campaign, this enchanting space is home to the newly planted world woodland garden, a great place to learn about medicines from various forests of the world. Although the almond blossom has just finished, why not take a visit to see the Mandrakes, a plant that resembles the human figure but also used in medical preparations for anaesthetics. See below what you can find in this special place.

1. Almond blossom
Although the Almond blossom is slowly drifting away, it’s still worth a trip to see the beautiful white petals and the remaining flowers on the trees.2. Frogs
Frogs and toads both share the ponds at the physic garden, accompanied by other wildlife such as ramshorn snails and dragonflies.

3. Coffee plant
The exotic coffee plants are native to tropical areas of Asia and Africa and now reside in the tropical corridor of the gardens. Whilst there you can also see other plants such as: the black pepper, vanilla and cocoa.

4. Mandrake
The roots of the Mandrake plant may resemble the human figure, but be careful, as it is poisonous! But do they really scream when pulled out of the ground?

We hope you enjoy your visit as much as we did. For fun activities and days out please visit chelseaphysicgarden.co.uk. To view more of our Spring Summer ’15 campaign images see our Pinterest board here.


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