A Cherished Relationship

The wonderful Saar Manche has yet again captured her children for Caramel. The shoot took place in the home of Saar’s father, a former antiques dealer who grew up in New Guinea where his father worked as a doctor. He has travelled extensively throughout the years, and this beautiful home is full of history and heritage that tells the story of his life and family. The images inspired us to share our thoughts on the beautiful and very important relationship between children and grandparents.


Visiting your grandparents is like coming home.  And yet not quite. They’ve always just been there. Part of your family who play a big or little part of your lives depending perhaps, on how far away they live or what sort of health they keep. But for those lucky enough to have grandparents, there is so much more to unearth.

What can we learn from them?

A lot as it turns out. We can learn about their past, which is also, once you start to think about it, your past. They are the layers of you, the different parts of your own jigsaw puzzle, which, the more you know, the better informed you are going to be. Especially, later on in life when it comes to starting your own family. We are, after all, made up from fragments of our ancestors.

We should also make the time to listen -and learn- about another outlook on life, another perspective.  Also, what were your own parents like? How did they live, love and behave when they were small?

Grandparents can teach us about rituals and family traditions that we may choose to continue. Many grandparents emigrated to new countries, changed livelihoods and rebuilt their lives after war, natural disasters and financial collapse. There are many life lessons to be learned. Also not forgetting that your grandparents know a delicious recipe or two, passed down several generations.

But most of all, they are people who will love you unconditionally. The best bit? That they will slip you a packet of sweets, right before a meal time with a quiet nod and a wink.


Images and Styling by Saar Manche

Website: http://saarmanche.nl
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saarmanche/?hl=en

The children are wearing:

Fluorite Jumper, Lime Jacquard
Odell Skirt, Green Gables
Coal Shirt, Tarten Moss
Basanite Trouser, Pigeon
Chrome Jumper, Deep Forest Melange

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