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We need little reminder that the best design is nearly always in the details: intricately articulated on the one-hand or a spareness on the other so that one can truly appreciate the form of something. Details are a way of listening: from the artist Nathalie Lété, observing the birds, animal and plants around her to the jewellery designer, Ananda Khlasa whose creations are also inspired by nature and which double up as lucky talismans. Here at Caramel, Eva Karayiannis listens out for a mood, translating those details into a silhouette that may have its roots in the past but imbues it with an ultra modern sensibility. Listening for details is also very much what the writer Ali Wong did when he visited Dennis Sever’s house, an American Anglophile eccentric who curated rooms to depict Hugenot daily life. He encourages us to listen to the details in our imagination: for when was the last time you observed the silence?

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