03 Cities and Landscapes

For our third instalment of The Journal, we wanted to explore cities and landscapes, places that undeniably exert an in uence on the quotidian, either elevating the every day or encouraging us to think differently and embrace whatever it is that surrounds us. For architects Zoe Chan Earys and her husband, Merlin Eayrs that means understanding light, temperature, microclimatic conditions and looking at the history and sense of place. Since having their daughter Max, they are increasingly drawn to sustainable homes in spectacular rural landscapes and a carbon negative house in St. Ives is next on the design agenda. We couldn’t agree more with FT, Vogue and Conde Nast writer, Charlotte Sinclair when she says that visiting a city is very much like meeting a stranger at drinks party. There’s a similar sense of trepidation: Will you share their tastes in food, music and art? Will they have anything to say about themselves? God, will they be a bore? Here at Caramel, we are huge fans of Saar Manche’s work, a painter who hails from the Netherlands and whose photography exudes a timeless, haunting appeal in many shades of grey. As soothing a tonic as you will nd during a month when we are encouraged to hibernate and be still. And finally, we are so thrilled to announce the opening of our Notting Hill womenswear store, a celebration of the sort of relaxed, effortlessly stylish clothing that Caramel’s founder, Eva Karayiannis has always championed. Please do come and say hello.

           Stay inside The Beldi by Chan and Eayrs. it is available for short stays.






  Featuring by Caramel:  Trench Coat in Taupe | Tuff Coat in Peppermint Check | Pleat Front Skirt in Black | Roll Neck Sweater in Teal | Belted Jumpsuit in Green |
Crop Trouser in Blue | Bear Coat in Beige Wool Check | Owl Shirt in Chocolate Flower | Gecko Jumper in Taupe | Cat Trouser in Cameo Blue |








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