This season sees bold embroidery and patterns as a tool of storytelling. There is a thread throughout of fairy-tales, of passing knowledge and allegory and metaphor from generation to generation. Enriched by the fairy tales of Bavaria and more distinctly the Grimm canon, our in-house developed prints have taken on extraordinary and minute details in geometric prints printed on 100% silk dresses and also in beautiful leaf designs. As always, the attention to detail and process in the prints is meticulous. Timeless techniques of smocking, embroidery and the signature use of Fair Isle bring the story to life. The inspiration may reach back in time, but every modern luxury is seen in the chosen textiles. Italian velvets and brushed check wools, woven cashmere, and British Melton Wool coats are sure to delight all the senses, not just the eye. Eva has employed the senses and offered a tactile story for you to explore with pontiroma and embellished Italian jacquard imploring you to feel the stories within the fabrics.