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Cuttlefish Jumper, Peony Pink Treasure Scarf, Bright Floral

Peerless knitwear in unparalleled shades. Our exquisite and delicate peony pink jumper is a timeless style. In a light alpaca wool blend, carefully sourced and produced in Peru, in the foothills of the Andes mountains, this relaxed and perennial design is pretty and evokes the enlivening nature of the Spring time as flowers bloom and sunlight plays with the subtle hues. With a crew neck and ribbed cuffs, this is an easily styled essential in a fabulous fabric.

65% Alpaca 35% Linen

A summer scarf, perfect for tying round the neck for sartorial elegance or worn as a headscarf to shelter from the sun's rays. Crafted in soft 100% cotton, we have chosen to embellish our scarves with our exquisite nostalgia inspired prints for the season. The graceful bright floral print of pink roses and verdant, green foliage repeated on a rich, rooibos burgundy is perfect for special occasions. Add that little touch of flair to your spring summer wardrobe.

Approximately 50 x 50 cm

100% Cotton