Carmel offers a tasteful edit of gifts that will delight anyone and reflect the brand's appreciation for understated design and an interesting colour palette. Choose from Hugo Guinness lino prints, cashmere throws, along with cushions and bibs in our graphic prints.

Extraordinary attention to detail is at the core of Caramel’s design ethos, a mantra which extends from homeware to childrenswear and womenswear. Caramel was conceived in 1999 by former lawyer, Eva Karayiannis. She wanted to challenge the very limited (at the time) perception of childrenswear. Why couldn’t babies wear cashmere ? Why couldn’t boys wear pink? And so she set about creating childrenswear that was rooted in modern British design.

It was a design formula that quickly attracted the attention of a roster of style insiders who coveted the label’s sophisticated design sensibility. From Eva’s kitchen table, the first Caramel store- a bijoux shop on the Brompton Road-soon followed. Its modern approach and unique design perspective was at the van guard of a wave of childrenswear labels that followed suit.

Today the growing lifestyle brand includes burgeoning womenswear, childrenswear and homeware lines. Key to the brand is its predilection for idiosyncratic colours and combinations which are not so obvious. At Caramel, there is a sense of timelessness to its design, which has no expiry date whatever else might be happening in fashion. The collections are sold online or in any one of its ten global stores in New York, London, Tokyo and the Ukraine as well as being available in over 100 independent retailers.

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