Echoing Caramel's prediliction for understated style, we offer a selection of wall art which combines the kitsch and the curious. From Hugo Guinness's lino prints, LED stars or embroidered animal samplings, each put the finishing touch to any room.

The label Caramel was founded in 1999 by Eva Karayiannis and is a British brand which designs understated, modern womenswear, childrenswear and homewares which whispers rather than shouts. It was called Caramel because like the ‘dolce’, Eva felt the label was sweet, strong and a little addictive. The first store which sold childrenswear arrived on Brompton Road and still exists today, a bijoux store filled with an abundance of charm and personality in a buzzy, vibrant part of London.

Very quickly Caramel attracted the attention of style mavens, influential fashion editors and creatives who visited the store in droves for childrenswear that was unrivalled. Caramel became the go-to label for clothes that were not traditional, saccharine or stiff. Says Eva, “I treated it in the way you might womenswear, that is to use amazing fabrics and stop the taboo of fabric or colour. Why couldn’t you dress a baby in cashmere? Boys could wear pink or girls blue. But that was rare back then. “

Today Caramel has become synonymous with easy, effortless, understated clothes that exudes a quiet luxury. It’s a design mantra which is echoed in her womenswear collection which launched in 2016. Caramel woman is the much anticipated collection for women who appreciate Caramel’s unflinching way with colour, vintage inspired cuts and a skill blend of highly considered mis-matched prints.