At Caramel we like nothing more than hunkering down with a good book and immersing ourselves in a world of fantasy and adventure. Loose yourself in our specially curated collection of books-time travel, superlative illustration and powerful emotions- there is plenty to satiate a universal craving for stories.

Caramel was founded in 1999 by former lawyer, Eva Karayiannis who wanted to dress children in an unflinching way with colour and a nod to graphic prints. Nearly two decades on, Caramel spawns a burgeoning lifestyle brand which includes homewares and womenswear.

The decision to launch womenswear was born from a challenge to create easy to wear pieces that could be styled up or down, that fit different body shapes and which would appeal to all ages.
Says Eva: “It was something that many of my customers had asked after. What many women, especially younger people are looking for is unpretentious, comfortable clothing that expresses their personality. The audience I design for is a confident and sophisticated one which doesn’t want to buy clothes that will be out of fashion tomorrow.”

At the heart of Caramel lies an enormous attention to detail: a distinctive collar or garment silhouette, the cut, the fit, just the right sort of lining or even buttons are all very carefully considered. Caramel continues to push the boundarires season after season with its unique colour palette, tradition for ‘off’ shades, distinctive and in-house design.

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