Shoes & Socks

Shoes & Socks

Caramel’s assortment of shoes includes classic and contemporary styles, created from the softest leathers and suede. Its styles feature retro looking desert boots, skater styles as well as leather strap sandals. Team with ribbed socks in Caramel’s off beat design palette to add a chic, quirky finish to every outfit. Read more

An abundance of home grown craftsmanship, bold print and a sophisticated, individual use of layered colours and textures make up the essence of Caramel. It was originally conceived to challenge traditional, limited perceptions of childrenswear and a strong, distinctive aesthetic of fresh silhouettes which balance the classic and contemporary quickly emerged and continues to thrive each season.

Today the brand has evolved to include a womenswear and homewares collection. There are 10 stores in 5 countries and Caramel is also sold in more than 100 independent retailers. Recent openings include a second store in Moscow and Kuwait.

Says Eva Karayiannis, “From the outset, I wanted to find a modern, distinctive style, which could be individual—yet at the same time luxurious and understated. That, it seems to me, is the essence of caramel. Why shouldn’t children’s clothes be beautiful and tough-wearing at the same time? Why shouldn’t they be luxurious, but also with a refined simplicity?

“ It seemed to me children either had to wear mass-produced clothes, or expensive glitzy items which were often impractical or anachronistic or both—none of which is what childhood is really about.”

Caramel believes in understated luxury, employing only the finest quality materials and an enormous attention to detail. Each season Eva Karayiannis produces a collection of modern classics, creating an easily identifiable brand aesthetic from a combination of heritage fabrics and finely honed silhouettes. Read less

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