Summer in the City with Helena Schütz

The Junior Oslo Caramel Loves Summer

We’ve loved The Junior since day one, enjoying not only Helena’s carefully curated selection of all that’s new in the childrenswear world but also the insight she gives into her laid back family life. Hailing from Norway, we asked Helena for her pick of things to do on a day out in Oslo.

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We love spending time in the city during the summer!. Oslo has a lot to offer with both a great harbour with city swimming in the fjord and also proximity to the mountains and woods. Both myself and my husband love the sea so when we are not on our boat we head down to Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen to reconnect with the water.

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Our little girl usually takes her scooter around town and our smallest one get’s to ride in the stroller, quick and easy!.

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On a rainy day the Astrup Fearnley Art Museum is great for both grown-ups and kids. They also have a sculpture park which is perfect for the the kids to climb on! Alternatively visit the new Opera House, both by the waterfront.

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We live in a apartment in Oslo so being able to use the great parks is perfect.

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Foodwise my favourite is this all eco-café, Kolonihagen. You can find it both close to the biggest park, Frognerparken, and one on the other side of town, Grünerløkka. Both are great but the one closest to us has an amazing flower shop next to it and you can sit outside in their lovely backyard.

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The Junior_Oslo_Caramel Loves Summer

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